Greetings, earthling. I am an award-winning radio reporter, producer, and artist, specializing in the creation of new radio shows and podcasts.

I am currently creating Bellwether, a podcast of speculative journalism, launching later this year.

I write The Wethervane, a companion newsletter spotlighting others’ speculative journalism that I admire.

I am a fellow at the Institute for the Future and a grantee of the Shuttleworth Foundation.

I am working on forthcoming projects with Western Sound, KALW, and the Center for Science and the Imagination.

I also write YSLTF, though it is mostly on hiatus.

Previously, I spent 5+ years on staff at 99% Invisible, where I became employee #1 following the show’s record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. I also helped launch Radiotopia’s Spacebridge, USA Today’s The City, and NPR’s TED Radio Hour.

I have taught radio at Stanford University, UnionDocs, YR Media, The Writing Pad, New College of Florida, The Art + Media House, and elsewhere.

I have given talks on radio at festivals, universities, and galleries on three continents.

I am available for speaking engagements, and freelance radiomaking and podcast creation.

I live in the capital city of the future, Los Angeles, California.

Let’s collaborate.